Zane Torkington

Loan Market Mortgage Adviser servicing North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Auckland and surrounding suburbs

About Zane Torkington

"Imagine being able to buy that house you really want...

Imagine being able to pay off your mortgage and retire without debt...

As your Mortgage Broker, I can help you achieve this"

Click here to read my interview with The Mortgage Magazine: "Client Pleaser - Embracing challenges and focusing on relationships has helped Zane Torkington, from the Loan Market network, to consistently top his network's customer satisfaction rankings"

Engaging me as your mortgage broker is not just about getting a home loan. It's also about repaying your home loan. I will help you through the process of buying a property and getting a mortgage, but also keep in regular contact with you, inform you of changes in the mortgage market and ensure your mortgage is always structured for your personal situation. Having me on your side to help structure your loan will save you thousands of dollars.

First Home Buyers

Being part of the excitement of when first home buyers become home-owners is one of the most rewarding parts of my job as a Mortgage Adviser.
Buying your first home is an exciting experience, but can be stressful and confusing on your own, so I will guide you through each step to understand the process and ensure your home loan is suited for your situation.


Getting pre-approved for a home loan is a good way to start the process of buying a home and will save you lots of time further down the track. Get a pre approval well before you start looking at houses, so you have a clear understanding of what you can borrow, and what you can comfortably afford. Give yourself a few weeks to digest the information, get a clear picture of what you can do financially. It will save you a lot of time at looking at the wrong properties and give you a clearer picture of what you can and can't do.


Refinancing your current home loan can be very beneficial in helping you save money if used in the right circumstances. It can also be used to access existing equity in your home to fund renovations and investments or to consolidate debt. However refinancing can incur costs. As your mortgage Broker, I can go through the sums with you to determine the long term benefits against the actual costs of refinancing so there are no financial surprises.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidating your debt with your home loan can be a great tool to both help you manage your finances easier, and reduce your debt and
repayments at the same time. Having a home loan gives a lender more security over a loan, therefore, typically lower interest rates. It also
means just managing one payment rather than several. While beneficial, it's not always possible so let me check if this is a good option for your situation.

"Zane provided a very detailed, responsive and insightful service to what was very much an unknown part of buying a home to us.

We had a negative experience with a previous mortgage broker that left us even more confused and neglected with the lack of communication we received and thankfully, this was not the case with Zane.

We felt he genuinely cared about helping us find the right mortgage for us and as first home buyers going through the process of trying to find a property, this was refreshing. First home buyers are often neglected or not shown the full investment from agents, banks and other brokers as they view us as small fish in very big pond but Zane didn’t care about this and showed us the up most respect throughout the entire process.

If we were to have any friends or family looking for a mortgage broker, we would definitely recommend Zane and the quality service he provides."

Richard & Hayley 

"Zane was fantastic in getting me set up for my home loan. He has made it simple to understand and easy to deal with, and saved me a lot of time and money. I am really glad that I decided to end talks with my bank and talk to Zane and get it sorted"
K. Shoemark, Ponsonby.

"I'll always be grateful to you for stepping in and finding a solution for me so quickly. Thank you so much"


"Zane was pivotal in the process of purchasing our new home. Right from the start he was exceptionally helpful in working through all the steps involved. He provided us with solid advice, useful property reports and assistance in dealing with the banks to ensure we made the right decisions and settled with ease. If your in the market for a new home - We highly recommend Zane"

Lauren & Ollie

"When we met Zane we had already been turned down by two other brokers and my own bank home loan specialist. They all said we have too much to solve before we could buy a property and we should just withdraw the offer we had put in the house (offer that already had been accepted).

Zane's approach was completely different - he heard our case and what we still had to do; proof of income from contracts, money for deposit still overseas etc and worse, less than 2 weeks to meet the finance condition.

All I can say is, we got the house. In just over a month, we went from offer to settlement. In less than 2 weeks we went from "give up, you cant do it" to all the conditions met, with time to spare. All because my solicitor told me - before you give up, call Zane!

We are really happy and really, really grateful to his help during the whole process.

I already gave Zane's contact details to everyone I know who is looking to buy. He is definitely the best.

We are really grateful for your help"

Ronaldo Santana

"Zane has been a breath of fresh air during what was a long and arduous process of finding a suitable property to purchase in Auckland. His knowledge is second to none and the effort he puts in to ensure you are getting the best deal and service is exceptional. The evening before an auction the following morning, I found the house I wanted to buy. There was a major problem getting the finance approved without conditions in time to buy. He managed to scramble that night and early the next morning and got me approved unconditionally and I went on to win the auction with his guidance, without risk my deposit. Such a massive effort of which I am so grateful!! I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for a motivated professional mortgage adviser/broker to work in his clients best interest"

Mike Morpeth

"We just want to say a HUGE thank you to Zane!

He helped us to buy our first home which proved to have a few hurdles when it came to having finance approved but he pulled a few strings and got the green light for us.

It was such a great experience to have someone so knowledgeable to help us newbies on to the property ladder!

We will be recommending Zane to everyone in the future".

Thanks again

Ron & Larnie

"We finally did it!

Zane made the whole process easier than we expected. We were informed from start to finish even while he was away overseas getting married.

This is a huge bonus to Zane and his work ethics.

We have no hesitation to highly recommend him to any other person".

Thanks again

Rich & Barbs

"When our old lender would not meet the market with their interest rates at the time of refinance, we reached out to Zane and have never looked back.  Zane promised to do better then the "special rates" being offered and over-delivered with what he secured for us.  Without hesitation, we would recommend Zane for his professionalism, industry knowledge and ability to deliver a market leading deal.  Thanks again, Zane!"

Colin & Stephanie Dryland

"Thank you so much for all your help and assistance through this, you made the whole process much easier than I had expected".


"Zane was very professional, always replying to our emails very fast. He was always happy to suggest our best options".

"Fast, easy to talk to, listened to my needs, no fuss, got a good deal."

"The refinance happened with very little input from us, which was just as well because I've been flat tack.  Appreciate everything!  Just wanted to give you a quick thanks while I've got the chance.  I'll touch base properly soon. Cheers."


"Zane is a very professional man that will always give the best advice. His level of communication was spot on, we always were informed of what was happening regarding the loan application, potential homes to buy (advantages & disadvantages) etc.

Zane is always up to date of what is happening in the market, he makes you fee comfortable at all time, he did not rush us at all.  Zane will definitely be our go to person from now on in regards of property investment, loans etc.  We will always recommend Zane to our friends".

Monica & Juan

"I had such a tight deadline for my loan settlement between getting CCC approval to the settlement date.  Zane was very flexible and did everything so we could meet our deadline.

I was able to settle within the time frame with really good pricing that I could not get when I went to the bank directly."


"Zane has been so amazing to work with throughout this whole process!  Being our first home, we had a lot of questions throughout the process and he explained everything he needed to and was patient throughout.  With a few road blocks along the way, Zane went above and beyond and did everything he could to solve a few (stressful) issues, truly helping us out more then we could imagined!  I could not thank him enough, and will always highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house!"

Kendra & Josh


Don't stretch yourself too far. Just because you have the capacity to borrow a lot of money, it isn't always a good idea to do so. Having a loan that is easy to manage will save you a lot of stress and money in the long term. Plan for the future. Look at your life and major events that you can
foresee in your future and structure your mortgage around these events.


Over the years I have organised many events that have raised money for charities such as Cancer Society and Oxfam.


My clients come from all walks of life, are all in different financial positions but all need hands on service.

From Investors, First Home buyers, Developers, Single Young Professionals, to Families, both young and old, I'm happy to help anyone that asks and give specialist advice to the situation that applies.


Many customers tend to focus on the house they can afford, suburbs, schools, rates and repayments. With a mortgage, it is a great time to review what would happen should your health or circumstances be affected. Could you cope? Have you budgeted for insurances? I can help you get sound advice to help you protect yourself so you can service your mortgage in the long term.


I am constantly in close contact with real estate agents, accountants, lenders and solicitors to ensure your home purchase is as painless as possible. In the journey of purchasing property, it's important to have the right people around you. If you need help in any other area of the buying process, I can help get you set up with other professionals that will help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Benefits of using me as your mortgage adviser

Building wealth through property investment can pave the way to financial freedom, if you get it right. As your Mortgage Broker, I will ensure your property investment loan is tailored to your overall investment goals. Whether you are an experienced property investor with a big portfolio, or just starting out with your first property, I will work with your accountant or financial planner to get the right investment loan for your circumstances. Here are some of the services I offer you when I bring you on as a client:

  • Free advice and support on lending and house buying process
  • Personalising loan structure to suit your income and monthly expenses. Give you best mix of certainty of repayments (fixed loan) and flexibility (floating loan).
  • Help with strategy to minimise interest payments to the lender
  • Free property background reports helping you determine a comparable value
  • Help quarterback the house purchase with you, solicitor, trust adviser, insurance adviser, accountant, real estate agent, valuer and other professionals.
  • Referrals to other trusted professionals if needed. (i.e. insurance adviser, solicitor, trust adviser, accountant, real estate agent etc).
  • General advice on future investment property and tax benefits (if required)
  • Using adviser group leverage and current market conditions to negotiate interest rates, cash contributions, and possible waiving of certain bank application and refix fees.
  • Help you manage your loan(s) going forward. i.e. dealing with overpayments, refinances, refixes, reviews, topping up loan for renovations etc, new home loans
  • Deal with 30+ lenders as your personal banker to deal directly with each banks lending unit for your home loan.
  • Help with ordering valuations if required, and negotiation of the valuation requirement with lender to save you money.
  • Ease of application (1 application rather than multiple), less stress.
  • Protect your credit rating when applying. (Applying more than once can harm your credit).
  • Provide best application presentation to the lender for to maximise your chances of a loan approval.
  • Keep information private for house purchase purposes and related services only.

Call me free on 0800 11 LIFE for a free appointment.