Your expert Mortgage Advisers servicing Ponsonby, Herne Bay, St Mary’s Bay, Grey Lynn, Auckland, North Shore and surrounding suburbs

With Robyn’s experience of over 35 years in the mortgage industry and 1 billion in settlements under her belt and Andrew recently entering into the family business to practice what he has observed from Robyn for many years, they bring a fresh outlook on the mortgage process and upcoming trends in the market. They endeavour to help you make the right financial decision when it comes to your loan and your next property move.

Saving you time and money is their number one goal as Mortgage Advisers when they compare a wide range of New Zealand’s most popular banks and lenders and do the hard yards in finding a loan that will help you meet your financial goals. They are happy to go the extra mile to walk you through the mortgage process from appointment to settlement and answer any questions you have a time that suits you.


  • L. Lin - Auckland
    The current loan and it’s structure meet my expectations, thank you so much. I will definitely spread the word about your excellent service
  • Rob & Lidia - Auckland
    Robyn was recommended to us by our close friend who is a property investor and developer which on his recommendation instantly gave us confidence. Robyn and her team handled our urgent application with the utmost efficiency and professionalism providing us with sound advice. We would have no hesitation in recommending Robyn’s services to anyone who requires fast, reliable mortgage broker services. We will definitely be using them for our next property purchase
  • S. Stavar - Auckland
    Robyn did great for us. Not only did she succeed in securing a loan for us in a period of time when these were not easy to come by, but the conditions she obtained for us were very good as well. The 9pm phone conversations in which she advised us as to what is the best way to structure the loan to get the highest value between low interest rates and flexibility of repayment was definitely something ‘above the call of duty’. Add to that the fact the only reason we got our house is because we did listen to her advice and made the appropriate offer. We happily recommend her to all our friends, it was a very nice experience overall and it brought great results for us.
  • Trudy
    Hi Robyn and Andrew, Thank you so much for sorting everything out for us over the last few days. I am blown away with your ability to stay calm while working with anxious people (like me!), and I especially love that you are ‘solution focused’ as opposed to ‘problem focused’. I will be strongly recommending you to all those in my networks. Thanks again. Warm regards, Trudy
  • Allister Hanley
    Robyn’s services were recommended to us by a friend. From start to finish Robyn and her team have been outstanding to deal with. Our circumstances were reasonably complicated, but the information flow and swift responses by Robyn and her team were the best I have ever experienced.
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