About Sifa Sifakula

Sifa has a commercial lending background and specializes in providing a tailored service.   

As one size does not fit all, neither should financial solutions.   

Having worked across a range of divisions during his tenure with the Bank, Sifa is well positioned to assist with a range of lending needs, whether it be a personal loan, buying a first home or expanding your investment portfolio.  With his commercial banking background he is also well equipped to assist businesses and those who are self employed with cash flow lending.  

“By simplifying the process of lending it means that you have more time to focus on things that add value to you and your family."

Publicly Available Disclosure

"When buying or selling real estate, I always found Sifa’s high degree of professionalism and understanding to be my best advocate each time. In other words, Sifa works tirelessly in your best interest, to deliver exceptional service, and to exceed expectations. It’s that simple!"

M Maharaj