About Us

I’m on a mission to improve the financial wellbeing of kiwi’s, starting with one home loan at a time.

I’ve long had a (somewhat concerning) passion for finance, capital structures, spreadsheets and financial education. That’s what led me to become a registered financial adviser. Afterall, if I get to help people every day, about a topic I love, I figure I’m not even really working.

Passion for finance aside. Prior to joining Loan Market, I held a host of senior client service and commercial roles, across a range of industries and come equipped with a bachelor of business (in addition to being a registered financial adviser).

I’m proud to say that strong, effective communication, honesty, reliability and an almost animalistic drive to achieve are all traits that have served myself (and my clients) well over the years. I look forward to putting these traits into action, to analyse, design and implement the right home loan structures for you.

When I’m not having fun at my day ‘job,’ you’ll likely see me being the proud father of two beautiful daughters, Lola & Billie, spending time with family, travelling and trying to stay fit.

So, if any (or all) of the above resonates with you, feel free to drop me a call or schedule a time for us to have an introductory chat. I’m a big believer in the value of long-term partnerships and look forward to potentially starting one with you.