About Anna Webber

I am a super easy to deal with personality with qualifications including being a Chartered Accountant as well as a Financial Adviser. This places me in a position to well assist my customers through my through understanding of the transactions.

My experience was gained both within Accounting roles, including Advisory and Audit, as well as management accounting roles. My finance experience came from nearly two decades working at BNZ and Westpac. Roles included time in the Business bank at a Commercial and Corporate level, and my last five years there was spent working in the Private bank managing the banking needs of High net worth customers.

Personally, I have a love of all things Property and have purchased a number of properties over the years. I absolutely understand the process, and the excitement involved, and cannot wait to get on board and help your dreams come true!

My motto is “lets do this”!

Disclosure Statement

Agricultural & Horticultural

I love assisting customers through specialist purchases of an Agricultural or horitcultural nature. I have industry experience in these sectors which means you will be talking to someone who understands the industry and businesses you are operating, and the unique challenges you face. You will find I can hit the ground running with farming (Agricultural or Horticultural) ventures, and assist you in every stage of your business cycle- from dream, reality to growth. We can together find the right financier to support you, with my support though the whole journey