Less stuff, more happiness

In this short 6-minute talk, Graham Hill lays out the facts: we have more stuff than we’ve ever had in history, yet many of us are far from happy. Why are we this way? What can we do to curb this? Are we doomed to forever fall down the spiral of consumeristic unhappiness?

We’re all drowning in debt, some of us more than others. We buy way more than we need, we’re slaves to novelty addiction, and we’re just wasteful in general. But it’s more than that. All of this “stuff” that we chase ultimately impedes our sense of freedom.


Hill’s recommendation is simple: you need to edit your life. Writers know this inside and out. You start out with a first draft that’s chunky and inefficient and downright wrong, so you edit it. You clean it up. You get rid of the excess and you’re left with a polished, satisfying piece.

The same goes for life. When you aren’t weighed down by your possessions, you have more freedom (and more money) to pursue the activities, experiences, and memories that truly matter to you.