Sell your crap, pay your debt

If the talk by Alexa von Tobel didn’t convince you, maybe this one by Adam Baker will. He’s a real life example - a case study, if you will — of how much your life can change for the better simply by addressing your finances with a new mindset.

How are you living your life? How does it support or hinder your pursuit of what you want out of life? Are your finances beholden to a rat race mentality, buying things you don’t need just because everyone else apparently has them?

In this 19-minute talk, Baker opens up and shares his own story that begins with a mountain of credit card/auto/student loans and ends with freedom from financial chains. What does freedom mean to you? For him, it meant traveling abroad as a family.

In order to get to that point, you need to reign in your finances and take control of your spending. Stop living life on an autopilot script determined by society. Take a step back, assess what your goals are and start living for that.

Of course, it won’t be easy. Getting out of debt never is. However, Baker is proof that the struggle and the rewards are well worth it.