Offshore and expat borrowers

We work with off/shore/expat clients who email us regularly to advise what they would like to do, or are thinking of doing. We are their point of contact when they want anything arranged at the bank, whilst overseas. Provided you can identify yourself in a NZ or overseas bank, we are able to assist off shore clients with a mortgage in New Zealand. This is regardless of your status as a non-resident or resident.

Many of our clients are able to correspond with us quite quickly and easily by email, phone and fax, to ensure that their mortgage is processed efficiently, maintained, and runs smoothly, especially at times of refix/restructure. It has worked fantastically when clients earn money in lump sums and are able to email us to ask if they are able to transfer their funds to a foreign currency account here in NZ, and have funds converted to NZ dollars at favorable rates.

Once converted, we can arrange for lump sum payments to be made with their Bank in NZ, to reduce their mortgages. Alternatively, we can also arrange foreign currency loans in NZ, that can be repaid in the foreign currency, income is derived from. Speak to our financial advisors today.

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