About Us

With a solid background in both banking and non-banking mortgage advisory roles, I have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate your way through the potential minefield that is finance.

Who do I work with?

I am experienced at working with people from all walks of life and with incredibly diverse needs. My strength lies in my ability to listen to you closely and help you translate that into goals and positive outcomes. Everyone has different needs according to their circumstances that can determine which Home Loan structure is best suited to them. I simplify the technical side of the loan process and act as your representative when talking to the banks on your behalf.

Over my 17-year career I have helped:

  • First home buyers achieve mortgage pre approval and buy their first home
  • Clients looking to move and upgrade
  • People achieve financial independence after separation
  • Investors negotiate with banks to ensure their investments are secure
  • Business owners refinance with careful planning and negotiating
  • Clients obtain finance for cars and personal loans
  • Businesses obtain finance for commercial developments

As a loan adviser for Loan Market I am part of a 100+ adviser strong team in New Zealand that is part of a network of 1,000 advisers across Australasia.

Securing over $150 million in home finance each month in New Zealand, Loan Market pride themselves on being experts in the real estate market. With the largest panel of lenders in New Zealand, Loan Market advisers have access to an extensive range of loans which means we can be creative in our approach to lending. No situation is too complicated for me to advise you on and I love a challenge!

My greatest sense of satisfaction comes from helping people hear ‘yes!’ from a lender. I truly believe that every New Zealander deserves to have the chance to own a home and I work hard to make your property dreams come true.