First Home Buyers

Congratulations – you have started the journey already. 

Here is why I would make the perfect partner when sourcing your finance for your first home…

I deal with several lenders, I know their interest rates, application criteria, fees – essentially what they are likely to approve and what they might decline. You typically need to fit within the banks’ predetermined rules, and there is often no leeway. I will guide and advise on which lenders suit your current financial situation and where you want to end up.

Paperwork can be daunting and overwhelming. I have done it hundreds of times and have the experience to know how to maximize the results first time around. 

If you have KiwiSaver, then we can utilize this towards your first home. There are rules around how and when and how much you can access. There are different timeframes, details of the home and sometimes even price that can affect your ability to use your KiwiSaver. All things we can talk through and make a clear plan around so that you can begin your open home tours.

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