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Everyone wants the best interest rates they can get on their mortgage - that’s a given. And of course here at Loan Market we deliver that
consistently. Initially that’s why a lot of people first get in contact with us but our client surveys show us that’s not why they remember us and why they keep coming back.

During 20 years working in the mortgage industry in NZ and abroad, Brett’s been involved in many thousands of home purchases,investment property purchases, mortgage refinances, mortgage re-structures,re-fixes, new builds, renovations….the list goes on. There’s not many mortgage/property related situations Brett hasn’t seen and advised on.

It’s this in depth mortgage & property industry
knowledge and insight that our clients value most. Good interest rates are
important, but it’s well-structured loans and properly advised decisions and
actions which are the real $ savers when it comes to mortgages and property

You need the right knowledge and insight to make good
decisions on what’s likely to be your biggest financial investment. We’ve got
that knowledge & insight. Get in touch.

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Just some of the areas I can help with:

First home buyer home loans

As if buying your first home wasn't tough enough already, the Government's gone and made it extra tough with Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) restrictions amongst other things lately. You may fit your banks criteria but often they still won't give you the loan! How does that work?!

These days banks have very limited money for those who don't have a 20% deposit and they literally run out of money for first home buyer loans. But where one bank says 'no can do', others may well say 'here ya go'. Brett makes it his business to know what banks have got money available for first home buyers on any given day, along with which banks are doing the crazy-good deals and which banks are being too greedy.

Getting your first mortgage is all about sending the right banks the right stuff, choosing the bank that's right for you and setting up the loan the right way that will see you prosper. Give Brett a call to find out how.

Complex mortgages

Not every mortgage application is an open and shut case; in fact there are many people who have diverse and often complex requirements from their mortgage. Brett is highly experienced at working with clients who have complex mortgage needs and thrives on the challenge of finding the most advantageous path for his clients.

Property investors

Helping clients to build wealth through property investment is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Brett's role as a Mortgage Broker. Loan and ownership structure is critical in property investment, so Brett works closely with trusted specialist property accountants and lawyers to achieve the best outcomes for his property investment clients; and that means finding the right investment loan to match their property and overall investment goals.

What if the bank says ‘no’?

If your bank has declined your mortgage application, that’s not necessarily the end of your property purchase aspirations. On a weekly basis Brett turns a ‘no’ from a bank into a ‘yes’ from that same bank, a rival bank or one of New Zealand’s many non-bank lenders. If you have been turned down, it’s important to remember that most lenders have very different ways of looking at clients, which means that although you may not be able to secure a mortgage with one lender, you may well qualify easily with another. Make use of Brett's knowledge and experience to find the right lender for you, based on your individual situation and requirements.

Home loans for migrants

Having lived in various countries himself, Brett knows that financing a property purchase can be very challenging. Brett empathises with the many migrants to New Zealand who are facing those challenges, but who truly want to purchase property. Different rules, laws, processes and terminology can be frustrating and confusing so Brett guides his immigrant clients every step of the way, ensuring they understand the process of securing a mortgage and purchasing property thoroughly.

Build loans / Construction finance

Building a new home is one of the most exciting, interesting, rewarding experiences you can hope to achieve. It's also a totalling immersing experience that can be fraught with problems and can be incredibly stressful and expensive. Brett's helped hundreds of families build their dream homes and in 2015 built his own dream home.

Many of the potential issues with building can be avoided armed with the right knowledge. Having assisted so many people build and having done it himself, Brett of course sorts the finance but also advises on the process from thinking about building to moving in. When it comes to building, knowledge of the process is critical - call Brett to set the foundations for a succesful project.


  • Campbell Stewart - Lawyer, Hamilton
    Good service, responsive, knowledgeable, not afraid of a challenge. 9/10
  • Dr Tom Shand - Engineer, Raglan
    Brett was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and positive during a stressful process. 10/10
  • Justin Keen - Chartered Accountant, Ponsonby
    Very professional and personable. 10/10
  • Tom Chapman-Smith - Teacher, Morrinsville
    Brett conducts his business in a highly professional manner with excellent communication. As a client, we always felt respected and valued by Brett and his team. He was highly knowledgeable and efficient in all that he did. 10/10
  • Brett Keen - Manager, Onehunga
    Good market information and insight into current trends. Quick in response and made the process very easy. Highly recommend. 9/10
  • Sharon Nash - Physiotherapist, Remuera
    Great communication, excellent advice. 10/10
  • Deanna Clark - Lawyer, Morningside Auckland
    Brett was professional, timely and guided us through the biggest financial decision of our life with ease! 9/10
  • Mala Brajkovich - Fashion Designer & Vinnie Woolston - Model, Raglan
    Brett went above and beyond his job for us and honestly we wouldn't have been able to do it without him. Neither of us have ever bought a house or dealt with anything like this before and he talked us patiently through every step. He provided an amazing service! 10/10
  • Dianne Farrell - Clinical Psychologist, Hamilton
    Brett has always met my mortgage needs in a professional, timely fashion. He has gone above and beyond to meet short frame frames and obtain lower rates for me. 10/10
  • Max Horton - Pilot, Raglan
    Brett was very helpful in all aspects. Communication was excellent. Negotiated well with the banks to get the product we wanted. 10/10
  • Stacey Lovell - Nurse, Raglan
    He is always approachable and goes out of his way to help. 10/10
  • Adam Bazzard - TV Editor, Auckland
    Most definitely use Brett again. He's had our back for negotiating on our behalf for finance for our house, renovations and rental properties, made the bank offer us competitive fixed rates where we wouldn't have received otherwise, saved us hours of time and money, and offered excellent financial council for our most important monetary decisions. 10/10
  • Alex Waite - Investment Banker, Devonport
    He got me a good rate and made the process easy. 10/10
  • Craig Williams - Training Leader, Christchurch
    Brett presents the information I need to know very clearly, and his assuring manner and obvious integrity is important to me. He clearly has my best interests at heart. 10/10
  • Blair Dods - Digital Media Manager, Gisborne
    Excellent communication, made solid suggestions throughout the building process. 10/10
  • Jenna Bond - Administrator, Hamilton
    Brett and the team were extremely friendly, reliable and trustworthy. They made the entire experience smooth and easy. Brett was recommended to us by a friend and we have already recommended him to two others. 10/10
  • Debby Sinclair - ASB Broker Centre Manager
    I wanted to take the opportunity to pass on some feed back re Brett Wood and his applications. Since commencing in 2009 Brett's applications have been of a very high standard and pass with flying colours regarding the Quality requirements with ASB submissions. He always submits applications that are completed in full, have all supporting information and most important of all has a Diary note that provides exactly the information we are seeking in regards to obtaining an approval for his clients. We in the ASB Broker Centre rate Brett very highly and I know my Loan Writers enjoy working on his applications as they are not hunting for information or needing to contact to find missing information. Brett is a pleasure to deal with and I am sure a very valued member of your Team.
  • Derek Morrison - Photographer, Dunedin
    Brett listened to our needs and then explained very carefully how it works and what our expectations might be every step of the way. We felt completely confident in his abilities and his understanding of where we were in life and with what we wanted to achieve. 10/10
  • Di Brinkhurst - Accountant, Raglan
    I am really happy with the service I received from Brett and his team at Loan Market. At the start we spoke to a broker we had used previously and he said we would need to put in a larger deposit and then after a few days later said that none of the major banks would accept our overseas income. In the meantime, I had spoken to Brett as he was highly recommended to me. From the start he seemed a lot more knowledgeable about the overseas income and was confident he could get the loan approved. Within a day the loan application was submitted. Brett was then able to get the loan approved (with the bank the prior broker said wouldn’t accept our income) and without needing to increase the deposit. If I hadn’t spoken to Brett the contract for the property would have fallen over. We were really lucky to speak to Brett and as a result purchased the property we really wanted.
  • George Gregory - Architect & Julia MacGibbon - Lawyer, Grey Lynn
    We worked closely with Brett over a twelve month period searching for our first home. Brett was always only a call or email away and offered us stabilising advice in otherwise uncertain territory. In a market saturated with auctions Brett & his team were instrumental rapidly providing unconditional bank approval. We will remain in touch with Brett and his team for the duration of our mortgage and will definitely lean on them in the future. We would not hesitate to recommend Brett and his team to our friends and family. We are grateful for their assisting us getting into the Auckland market.
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