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Finding the perfect loan can feel like a maze. With thousands of different loans available even knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

The team at Loan Market Central can help you navigate the home loan process.  No matter what type of loan you're looking for and regardless of your circumstances, we have the connections and relationships to find you the best package for your needs.

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  • Kevin & Liz
    Home Loan
    He was punctual, organised, and knew what he was doing, and explained all the options well, and therefore made everything nice and easy
  • Josh & Jess
    Home Loan
    The service itself (mortgage broker) is widely available. However, the level of customer service we received from Cam was top notch. I can count on one hand the number of times throughout my adult life, I've had truly impressive customer service. Cam is definitely on that list.
  • Phillipa & Nick
    Home Loan
    I put my faith in Cam and he delivered! He was able to navigate me through the whole process and ensure that I received the best possible deal. Thank you for always being so professional and easy to deal with. I will happily refer you to my friends and family.
  • Wanye & Stacey
    Home Loan
    Cameron, had great communication, he kept me up to date with unfolding dialogue between himself and the bank. I felt he was working hard for me.
  • John F
    Home Loan
    Cameron is a great guy who took time to discuss the options available to me so I was always clear about how I was positioned. His communication was excellent and he worked hard to achieve the result I wanted.
  • James & Robyn
    Home Loan
    Cameron was prompt, communicated well and in a timely manner, and got us more than we asked for. excellent service
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    Memo to prospective home buyers: if you have a weakness for expensive shoes or Uber Eats, you could be impacting your hopes of gaining a home loan. The array of recently introduced challenges has made securing a home loan even more difficult and mortgage advisers may now be the best way to tackle NZ's hugely complex home loan scenarios.

  3. The Truth about Turnkey Properties

    Purchasing a turnkey property can seem like the answer to all your prayers for first home buyers and investors. Brand new, ultra-modern and at a fixed price, what’s not to like? The Reserve Bank seems to agree, and current LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) restrictions do not apply to new homes. Turnkey homes are undoubtedly an excellent option for many. And while there are plenty of upsides, there are also some downsides. Here we provide an overview of what you need to know.