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I have been a Mortgage Adviser for 19 years. I enjoy the industry and love to see young people getting on the property ladder, as well as helping those seasoned owners achieve further goals. I do a lot of lending outside of normal bank criteria; business loans, farms, commercial and assisting when you just want to do something a bit different. I’m very happy to assist those, who for whatever reason, are struggling with their financial commitments. Life isn’t a straight line and sometimes things just go wrong despite your best efforts. I’m not here to judge, just provide honest financial solutions to people who find themselves in this space. So if it’s all going well or if it’s not don’t hesitate in giving me a call.

I’m a born and bred Cantabrian and father of two boys, Ciaran and Nicholas. I enjoy being a dad; seeing the world through my boys’ eyes always provides a different view on life. Prior to being a Mortgage Adviser I was an Aircraft Engineer and Flight Instructor, the latter being predominantly in the UK.

I am a keen aviator and fly regularly, still doing a bit of flight instruction as time permits. I enjoy sailing and fishing, mostly in the Marlborough sounds where you can still get a fat blue cod if you know where to look.

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  • Michael & Mikayla
    “Craig was very helpful.”
  • Nick
    “Very approachable and helpful.”
  • Hamid & Mannaz
    “Excellent service which exceeded my expectations.”
  • Tracey
    “Great service, really helpful, knowledgeable, no stress in a stressful situation of buying a property. Excellent communication, very comfortable in making contact; never made to feel stupid.”
  • Peter and Margaret
    “A good broker, can connect the dots and package up clients needs to do the deal.”
  • Melanie & Roderick
    “Not sure I would deal with a bank again.”
  • Carl & Rosemary
    “Easy, hassle free service. Always kept well informed. Technical dialogue was explained in an easy to understand manner.”
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