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  1. Super-hot housing market records highs across the board

    Once again, the property market hit record highs in October thanks in part to cheap mortgage lending. According to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ), nationwide median house prices increased by almost 20% on October 2019, and by 5.2% on September’s performance.

  2. Ways to pay off your mortgage faster without ditching your barista coffee

    The mortgage is your biggest expense. And while we like the idea of paying the loan off faster, we're not always so keen on sacrificing our lifestyles. However, mortgage rates are at an all-time low, and many commentators are predicting they will drop even lower. There’s never been a better time...

  3. Five top tips on preparing your home for sale

    With record house prices across the country, now is undoubtedly an excellent time to put your home on the market. However, if you want to achieve top dollar and a quick sale, then preparation is crucial. First impressions make all the difference, and a few minor changes could see you clinch that ...

  4. Trusts Act 2019 brings in sweeping changes

    The Trusts Act, which comes into force in January 2021, represents the biggest shakeup of the law in over 60 years. With an estimated 500,000 family trusts in operation, New Zealand has one of the highest per-capital rates worldwide. And so changes to the legislation is big news. Here’s an ...

  5. The Pulse Property Market Update

    The run-up to an election often sees the property market slow down. Political uncertainty means people delay buying or selling in a wait-and-see approach. But not this time. The latest data suggests the New Zealand property market remains on an upwards trajectory. Returns for September show in...

  6. Covid crisis sees rise in non-bank lenders

    Since the start of the Covid crisis, there’s been a sharp rise in demand for home loans from non-bank lenders.

  7. The Pulse Market Update

    The New Zealand property market continues to boom. The latest property market data shows steady increases in sales volumes and prices nationwide. And that’s despite the lockdown restrictions in Auckland and the rest of the country.

  8. Property Market continues to thrive but impact of lockdown 2 still to hit

    The latest property market data shows sales volumes and prices are up nationwide with some regions experiencing record-breaking increases.

  9. Covid-19: How To Future-Proof Your Business

    The recent outbreak of Covid-19 caught everyone by surprise and has been a huge wake-up call. It’s clear the pandemic is still a threat. And we could be moving up and down alert levels for some time. Preparation and planning are critical if your business is to survive and thrive at every alert l...

  10. Repayment deferral

    ​The government’s repayment deferral scheme introduced at the start of lockdown has been a lifeline for many Kiwis. In the face of job losses and slashed incomes, taking a repayment deferral​ made sense for those facing hardship.

  11. Property market bounces back after lockdown.

    The NZ property market has surpassed the expectations of even the most optimistic commentators. Read on for the latest property market data.

  12. Investing in property post COVID-19

    Low interest rates and a buoyant housing market have made property investment look like a very attractive option right now. Investing in property is bound to deliver a better return than putting your money in the bank, right? ​

  13. Post COVID-19 property market remains buoyant

    The global economic outlook may still be gloomy, but that doesn't seem to have dampened the NZ property market. Read on to find out more.