About Darren Morley

I have been in the financial services industry since 1992, working for some of New Zealand's major trading banks and insurance companies whilst also having five years experience in London investment banks.

My objective as a mortgage and insurance adviser is to work collaboratively with clients by identifying and understanding their challenges, goals and opportunities, tailoring simple plain english solutions.

With my experience and knowledge you will receive the best available options to make an informed decision, giving you, your family or/and business the best possible outcome in order to meet your needs now and in the future.

I am an adrenalin junkie who enjoys mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding and swimming. To balance out my lifestyle I also enjoy golf, fishing and spending time with my wife and four young boys.

"We were introduced to Darren Morley from NZ Loan Market through a real estate agent at Ray White when we realised we really wanted make our dream of owning our first home a reality. With three children and various small debts that go hand in hand with having a family we knew our situation wasn't ideal. Right from the start Darren made us feel at ease with sharing our financial and personal information and made sure we were fully informed of the processes and choices available to us - including the awesome new grant from Housing NZ and using our KiwiSaver funds.

We are about to go unconditional on our dream home, and I can say with certainty that without the help and expertise we got from Darren at NZ Loan Market we would not be where we are now. Communicating between our lawyer, bank, and various agents, Darren has taken all the stressful paperwork off of our hands and made buying our first home an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable experience. We really can not recommend his services highly enough and I would not hesitate to encourage others to take the same route with using a broker - it really is a no-brainer. Darren has managed to negotiate us some excellent rates and deals through people he has connections with in the industry, so not only have we managed to secure our dream home in a multiple offer situation, but come out of it with more money in our pocket as well.

We know exactly who we will be calling the next time we need help with our Mortgage"
Sian and Nick
"Developing a company from being a sole trader to having a team of 15 brought with it concerns about managing risk as the key person in the business.
Darren provided me with ‘no pressure’ options, which enabled me to clearly see the strategies I needed to have in place to manage these risks. His approach fitted well with my already busy workload and the outcome has been hugely productive. Thank you"
Barbara Harder Optima Therapy Solutions
"I feel really fortunate that I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Darren Morley, not only is he very professional at his job, but he really cares. Darren knew my situation and the struggles I was facing at the time, and he went above and beyond for me always having my best interests at heart.

What else can I say except some people just do their job because it's a job, Darren is a mortgage adviser because he believes in helping people have a happy future. If everyone was like Darren who cared, and really knew what they were talking about, the world would be a lot less stressful.
Thanks Darren for making things possible for me and more to the point working things so I can have my home"
Wendy Wood

"A huge thank you for all that you did to help us get our first home. We appreciate your advise, time and effort which made the whole process so much easier for us. We moved in on 22nd Sept and we’re happy to have our own place.
We have recommended you to others and will continue to do so.
Thanks again and take care"
Chris and Liana

"Just wanted to quickly email you to thank you for your assistance to buy our first home! We really appreciated your help and guidance through the purchase process.
The move went smoothly and we got in just before the rain. Thanks again"
Kate and Niroy

"Darren's service is exceptional. He was available to answer any and all of our questions at any time of the day, and was readily available to visit us in our home to talk in person. We were thoroughly impressed with Darren's immense knowledge which made the entire process super easy for us to understand. Darren has helped us achieve our dream of buying our first home for our young family and made the whole experience very enjoyable, which we did not get from the banks. Thanks again Darren."
Joe Brightwell

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    What’s In Store for the NZ Economy as Coronavirus Fever Heats Up Worldwide?

    The rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation is sending instant shockwaves through world economies and health systems and the fallout will have longer term impacts on the New Zealand economy and housing market. We look at the situation this far and analyse the key impacts and the response. COVID-19 has hit the global system with the sledge hammer, we analyse the fallout and New Zealand's response and how it will impact our housing market.

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    NZ Property Market Braced For Full Impact Of Coronavirus

    The World Health Organization’s declaration of a coronavirus pandemic has seen the economic crisis associated with COVID-19 ramp up to a whole new level, with a global recession seen as a near certainty. The surprise announcement of the Reserve Bank to cut the official cash rate to 0.25% for a year, along with the government’s $12.2 billion package of support measures is designed to help bolster the economy. Representing 4% of GDP this is a substantial investment.

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    Housing Market starts strongly but coronavirus clouds forecasts.

    The housing market has continued its strong momentum from 2019, with Auckland finally arriving at the party to join the rest of the country. However despite The Reserve Bank’s recent confidence that the economic effects of the coronavirus will be short-lived, there is a danger some NZ property markets could suffer ill health.