About Dave Williams

I have been involved in the banking sector for a number of years.

Now as a broker the advantage I have is being able to offer a range of solutions from a number of providers to find the home loan that is the best fit for you and your individual circumstance.  

For me communication from day 1 is the key and I’ll make sure your fully informed the entire way.

I’ll partner with you and guide you through all the significant decisions that need to be made both now and years into the future. 

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  • Blair Coates
    Home Loan
    Would highly recommend Dave. He takes the time to get to know you and your personal unique situation, then gathers resources to put together the very best offer and solution to everything you need. We were hugely impressed with his knowledge and advice! WAY better service than we've ever received directly through any bank.
  • Lee Tanner
    Home Loan
    Highly recommend, Dave is genuine and extremely knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond to meet your needs and is up to date with the latest need to knows! Thanks Dave!
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    According to economist Tony Alexander, a real estate market without the exuberance of buyer FOMO has begun to emerge across New Zealand as higher mortgage rates and inflation take their toll on household budgets, and this is good news for many buyers who’ve watched their target properties disappear beyond financial reach.

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    The reasoning behind four consecutive interest rate rises came into sharp focus this month when annual inflation hit 6.9% in the March quarter – its highest level since June 1990...

  3. Proposed property management regulation ‘welcome news’

    New property management regulations, in response to industry demands, will impact investors and landlords if passed into legislation. The proposal would establish a licensing regime and standards for professional property managers and licences would have to be renewed annually.