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How can we help you?

We are able to assist personal, business and commercial clients with an easy, confidential, and convenient way to secure bank and non bank funding to meet individual and business requirements.

In addition to this we will provide the best comparisons on banking products, services and including pricing. The main aim is to match funding requirements with the best deal available.

For business and commercial clients, the aim is to maximise the benefits from cash flow and this would mean structuring business and commercial debt to meet your business requirements.

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Why use our services?

- Experienced funding specialists specialising in lending & banking services

- Saving time and money when dealing with finance providers

- Able to assist with complex business challenges and finding suitable financial solutions to overcome these challenges

- Easy to deal with and full confidentiality is assured

Simply contact Deepak Ratti on 021 226 5050 to discuss your financing requirements today!

We can arrange funding for the following:

First Home Buyer Funding

Understanding your personal requirements and to assist you in sourcing the best finance deal to purchase your first home

Investment Property Funding

Assisting property investors to find the right level of funding to finance their property investment portfolio

Refinance & Top Up Funding

Examining existing funding structures and to make appropriate recommendations based on the clients personal & business requirements. Note : Inappropriate Loan / funding structure increases the risk of a default situation.

Fees to arrange the above types of funding is paid directly by the lender -“NO COST TO YOU”

Business & Commercial Funding

This is a common area where SMEs and including big business struggle may struggle to raise finance against the business. Deepak Ratti has experience in financing a business purely based on the merits of the business i.e. GSA lending and he has access to lenders who would be interested to lend against debtors or stock based on the business cash flow requirements.

Deepak Ratti is also able to offer his services from an advisory perspective and arrange the appropriate funding required by a business client to fund working capital for business growth or secure funding to make capital purchase of business assets.

We can assist clients in the following scenarios:

- Starting a Business

- Buying a Business

- Growing a Business

- Restructuring a Business

- Franchise Financing

- Trade Finance

Some key points Lenders look for in a business or commercial proposition:

- Funding purpose

- Borrowers contribution by way of capital and or security to provide the lender a level of comfort to lend to the Borrower

- Repayment capacity from a cash flow perspective from the Borrower

- To fully understand the Borrower borrowing proposition and to evaluate the borrowing from a risk perspective

- BOTTOM LINE – Is the level of funding suitable for the Borrowers requirements and is the funding acceptable to the lender from a risk appetite perspective.

Cash flow financing or factoring finance for your business

We have access to lenders who are able to provide short to medium term funding based on cash flow at competitive rates. This may be on an adhoc or seasonal basis depending on the type of business and the need for this form of borrowing.

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