Looking to sell? Use the lockdown to your advantage!

Many of us are finding ourselves in lockdown with a bit of extra time on our hands, so why not make the most of it?

If you are planning to sell your house once lockdown is lifted, then here’s how to make the most of the next couple of weeks.

Preparing a house to sell can be a big task. Sometimes it can be hard to take a step back and work out what potential buyers are looking for and what would help add additional value. Sometimes it’s a good idea to ask a friend or real estate agent if there’s anything they think could be improved. Then have a think about the sort of people your home appeals to. Is it first home buyers? Families with kids? Retirees? 

Once you have an understanding of who your property might appeal to and what is essential to add value (or might put buyers off), you can then start to get to work on getting your property ready for the market.


Homes often have a few minor things wrong with them that can easily be fixed. Peeling paint, dripping taps, a broken letterbox, or holes in the walls can often be fixed up easily and for little cost. If you have the time, a fresh coat of paint also freshens up the place and can add to the value.


First impressions are everything, so take a look at your property from the street. Repair or paint fences, cut back overhanging bushes, weed gardens, and mow the lawns. This will all help to create a positive first impression


Now is a good time as ever to spend a few weeks decluttering your home. It’s amazing how much junk you can get rid of and how much space you can free up. It’s also a good idea to reorganise your home and leave it as minimalistic as possible. This will allow buyers to imagine themselves living in the house a whole lot easier, plus it’s also less stuff to move when the time comes! 


Home staging helps to show off a property to it’s best potential, and allows people to imagine where their items might go and how the home might look when they are living in it. You can either stage a home yourself or get the professionals in. If you are planning on doing it yourself, check out Pinterest or Home & Garden for some ideas on how to dress your home to suit your target market. Also consider borrowing furniture or outdoor furniture if possible to allow potential buyers to picture themselves in your home - borrowing that BBQ and outdoor table to create that perfect outdoor space might just be enough to seal the deal!


Now is a great time to do a big clean up and get your property looking spick and span. Wash windows inside and out, clean skirting boards and pelmets, wash down kitchen cupboards, spot clean curtains etc.