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Navigating the lending process directly with banks and other lenders can be time consuming and at times, overwhelming. We guide you and help you to feel comfortable through the process and take your unique requirements and match them with the right lender or lenders to ensure the best outcome tailored to you. We provide regular updates and open communication throughout the process and maintain regular contact and loan reviews after settlement to keep you building towards your financial goals.

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Latest News

  1. Why this could be a great market for long-term property investors

    Property prices are falling and interest rates are rising, so you might be wondering: is this a good time to invest in property? The answer is definitely no for some people. But for others, now might be the perfect time to buy an investment property.

  2. New housing intensification rules about to take effect

    From August, councils in the greater urban areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Rotorua Lakes will have to apply new medium-density residential standards to most of their housing stock. So what are these new rules, why have they been introduced and what will they mean for home owners?

  3. House prices fall 0.9% over the quarter

    New Zealand’s national median house price has recorded the biggest quarterly decline since 2010. There are two main reasons why prices are going backwards in much of the country.