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Navigating the lending process directly with banks and other lenders can be time consuming and at times, overwhelming. We guide you and help you to feel comfortable through the process and take your unique requirements and match them with the right lender or lenders to ensure the best outcome tailored to you. We provide regular updates and open communication throughout the process and maintain regular contact and loan reviews after settlement to keep you building towards your financial goals.

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  1. Is property still a good investment?

    There's no doubt; many potential property investors were spooked by the government's housing policy changes announced in March. What once was a cast-iron investment option suddenly seemed less attractive. However, despite the changes to tax concessions and the bright-line test, there's little evidence that landlords are selling up in any significant numbers. So, is property still a good investment?

  2. First home buyer stress: 5 tips to help you manage the process for a better outcome

    When it comes to stressful life events, buying your first home is up there in the top ten. Here we share some tips to help you manage the process for a better outcome.

  3. Has The Government’s Housing Policy Changes Made A Difference?

    This year's Budget had little of substance concerning the property market. However, given the significant housing policy changes announced in March, it’s probably not surprising.