About Us

Erin Cranfield is part of the Loan Market team providing mortgage broking services to the greater Waikato area. Erin is knowledgeable and focuses on exceptional customer service and finding the right lender, product and rate for every Client.

Engaging Erin as your mortgage broker is not just about getting a home loan. It's also about repaying your home loan. She will guide clients through the steps of the loan process. This is invaluable to the client as Erin is expert in liaising with lenders and is dedicated to the task of getting an unconditional approval quickly and smoothly, taking stress and work from the client wherever possible.

Erin will also keep in regular contact with her clients, informing them of changes in the mortgage market and ensuring their mortgage is always structured to save thousands of dollars. It's a huge advantage to have a good broker on your side as they are able to review your circumstances as time goes by and ensure that you are not missing an opportunity to save money on your loans.

Many clients have returned and used Erin’s services multiple times and recommended her to their friends, colleagues and family. This is testimony to her ability to help people obtain and structure their finance in a way that suits their individual needs.

Erin enjoys surfing, horse-riding, gardening and bush walking and spending time with her husband and two daughters.