Many people with existing mortgages are paying more than they have to in interest and don’t realise it. Or are painfully aware but don’t realise that something can be done about it.

I offer a Complimentary Home Loan Health Check to assess your loan and compare it to what your current lender is offering and how well it compares to the Market.And I offer this every year to all my clients.

Your current lender may still be the best for you, with an adjustment to your interest rate you will still save money on the interest you pay. Sometimes another lender has a much better product suited to your needs –one recent client could consolidate short term debt, reduce their interest payments and repay their loan five years faster by refinancing.

If this sounds promising, please, get your Home Loan Checked!

It is important to keep this real – there may be costs involved, and these have to be factored in. I will provide a detailed break-even analysis to determine if/what your savings will be.

Refinancing is also common for clients looking to:

  • Consolidate debt to reduce the amount of cash they pay out per month and maketheir finances more manageable
  • Release Equity for Improvements to their home
  • Purchase another property as an Investment

So don’t procrastinate any longer, call or email right now and look after your finances.

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