Home Loans

In the last fourteen years we have helped settle over $1 billion worth of home loans.

That is a lot of happy clients.

The Loan products on offer are varied and often new customers do not understand the power of revolving credits or off- set accounts, to save interest charged. We assist our clients to choose a product that suits them. They make an informed decision as they understand why that product is best for them.

We all know that the banks are happy to make a profit but we do not want them to make too much off a profit, off you.

The banks do not need to discount rates or offer cash contributions but they may if they are asked.

Please remember we do not work for the bank… we work for you.

We are proud to say, we show people how to save interest being charged which results in paying off their loans faster.

This is why our clients come back. (Especially at review time)

This note is to formally thank & congratulate you on your spectacular customer service, and the results you achieve for us.Since Fi & I first engaged with you in 2007, the mortgage rates, deals & structures you have negotiated & implemented for us have been nothing short of outstanding.

We continue to be hugely impressed with your performance, as do the numerous clients I’ve recommended to you.
It’s really satisfying that, without question, they will express surprise & massive appreciation for the deals & structures you achieve, and probably more importantly, your exceptional speedy & efficient customer service.

Also like me, they are bemused & grateful, that you totally outperform their own ‘personal bankers’ because they are ‘highly valued customers’.

Keep up the good work & thanks again.

Roy Champtaloup, Ray White, Remuera

Residential purchasers

Extensive experience in the industry means we are well-placed to assist residential borrowers of all kinds, from first home buyers to those who are upgrading, self-employed or even buying with friends. Be the beneficiary of very fast approval and turnaround times, due to the excellent relationships we have developed over the course of our career with leading banks and lenders. We excel at negotiating discounts, waivers and extras, which may include interest rates, a legal contribution and waiver of fees. The success of such negotiations will of course also depend on the strength of your application, but we will always endeavour to look after your best interests.

We want to express our gratitude to your firm and especially to Scott Charlesworth who did a very efficient and fast job arranging our mortgage. We were very restricted in time after we had sold our house and our bank all of a sudden refused to finance the purchase of our new property. Scott was able to help us save time on finding a home loan, something that would have required a lot more time had we decided to go at it alone. Moreover he provided an excellent consultation as to how to borrow just below the next higher amount of Low Equity Premium charge by the Mortgage Insurance Provider which saved us a lot of money. Thanks again Scott! Irina & Igor Artemenko, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa

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