With a large base of clients who invest in property, and our own personal experience, we are able to shed light on how investing in property works for both new and experienced investors.

With a strong understanding of both simple and complex investment strategies, and strong working relationships with accountants and other financial professionals, we are able to help ensure that you structure your portfolio in a manner that will help you achieve maximum profit and tax benefits.

Have you got equity in your home and cash surplus in your budget?

If the answer is yes and you have always wanted to know what to do to be an Investor, then we need to ‘Crunch your Numbers’.

We are amazed how many of our clients can turn ‘One into Two’ properties easily with there their personal cash flow hardly effected at all.

LTC, IR23b, chattels depreciation, rent return, capital growth and tax laws often change.

If you feel like you have heard a bit about LTC’s, chattels depreciation, negative gearing, rent returns etc, and just want to know what it all means, then we would love to catch up. We really enjoy working with investors and have helped 100’s of clients buy rental properties.

The advantage of seeking assistance from an experienced professional is that we will have up-to-date information about property investment loans to present to you, gained from our professional networks.

Lending advice is invaluable – after we had reviewed their situation, one of our clients purchased four rentals in the space of four weeks! Another client grew his portfolio to 35 houses in approximately two years. It’s important to actually see the numbers and understand them before you commit to any long-term investment decision.

We still remember sharing in one clients excitement when he was able to buy his 30th rental property in just two years. Another client went from being freehold and having no debt, to buying four rentals in four weeks…we still remember it took two years for him to ask us for an appointment.

We all think it is hard, but once you understand your own numbers then most of the hard work is done. We look forward to working with you.

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