Self Employed

Its great having the freedom, of being your own boss.

Many New Zealanders enjoy the freedom of working for themselves, but being self-employed means time is of the essence, not to mention the challenge of keeping up with the paperwork of running your own business.

Many self-employed borrowers talk to a mortgage broker over a lender because they want a wider range of home loan options. Talking to us is like having your own personal finance expert to help you secure a competitive home loan with the right lender.

What you can expect from your appointment with me:

  • Simplified paperwork
  • Flexible application process
  • A competitive interest rate
  • Access equity for your business/personal and investment finances

You are no doubt great at what you do, but you are not an accountant. The banks are not accountants either, and when you give them your books it's amazing how they say they cannot offer you a loan, when you feel that you can afford one.

We work closely with some great accountants and have gained enough knowledge over the years so that we can present your position to a bank in the best way possible.

This doesn’t always result in a loan but there are other options. You may of heard of some of them:

  • Lo doc loans
  • No doc loans
  • Asset lending/finance
  • Solicitor nominee companies

All of the above have been around for years, but its fair to say the appetite for this type of lending has not been great with the main stream banks.

Before you speak to your own bank, let us look at your accounts and prepare a strategy so that you can get the right loan at a great rate. Talk to us today to find out more about your home loan options.

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