About Stuart Matheson

The advice I give you today may save you time and money for the rest of your life.

Since leaving the police force and starting as a mortgage broker in 1999, I have proven to my clients, the banks and the insurers that I operate with honesty, integrity and professionalism. This reputation assists me in getting home loans to the approval stage in a prompt fashion, resulting in my clients achieving their financial goals. Residential purchasers/refinancing your mortgage

Publicly Available Disclosure

All banks are not the same! This is a simple statement that many home owners forget when they are looking to renew their fixed rates, top up an existing loan, refinance an existing loan or buy another property. I can assist you to decide whether to break rates, set a fixed term, have a floating/ variable loan, or an interest only loan. And for those who this facility suits, I can explain the power of using a revolving credit facility to reduce your debt.

My service does not stop at the interview. My excellent relationship with the lenders assists me to negotiate a complete mortgage package for you. This may include discounted rates, waiver of fees or a quick decision - or even all of these things. The strength of my negotiations will largely be based on your circumstances, but you can rest easy knowing that I am working in your best interest!

Additional qualifications

  • Diploma of Policing
  • Studied Law & Accounting
    Whilst I am not a lawyer or accountant I have a very practicable knowledge in these areas which assists when presenting the loan application to ensure its best chance of an approval

Community involvement

  • Badminton North Harbour
    If a client is a member of any badminton club or referred by any one involved in badminton, my company will reward the association for the referral

Business community involvement

Having been a police officer for 18 years, based in Auckland and the North Shore I am now a member of the Police Association. From these experiences “I can still tell good work stories” but also crunch your numbers.

North Shore customers

Most of my clients to date have been based in Northcote, Birkenhead, Birkdale, Beach Haven, Glenfield, Takapuna, Devonport, Milford, Browns Bay, Albany, Torbay and surrounding areas. Whilst I have lived on the North Shore all my life I am happy to travel Auckland-wide. I work with my business partner Scott Charlesworth and we have two very qualified associates, Caroline Liang and Craig Pettit.