Loan Market Mortgage Adviser servicing Botany, Howick, Pakuranga, Mt wellington, Flat Bush and surrounding suburbs

Sufficient financial knowledge.

10 years property investment experience, give advice that will best suit your needs.

Excellent customer service, always put customers as the main priority.

Publicly Available Disclosure

I am a professional Mortgage Adviser in New Zealand. I have a double bachelor's degree in accounting and business law from the University of Auckland.

In addition to extensive financial and lending experience, I also have many years of experience in real estate investment and development.

I have extensive knowledge and partnerships in real estate-related fields, loans, financing, trading, taxation, finance, and development and construction. We can provide customers with one-stop real estate-related services, tailor the most suitable loan plan for you.

I can provide you housing, commercial and personal loan services, represent the housing and commercial loans of major banks and financial companies in New Zealand, and cooperate with lawyers, accountants, appraisers, and other professionals to provide you with one-stop fast service.

Main Business Coverage:

  • Housing Loans
  • Real estate development
  • Construction loan
  • Business loan
  • Commercial Property Loan

Team Irene is the largest Chinese team under Loan Market, the largest loan service company in New Zealand & Australia. Over the years, it has won numerous awards in the industry and has won praise and trust from Chinese customers. Our team members have professional knowledge and lending experience, come from banking, finance, insurance, real estate and other different backgrounds, to ensure that we can provide you with one-stop, all-round financial services.

We have long-term cooperative relations with major mainstream and secondary banks, financial companies, and insurance companies for many years, and we have done our best to tailor the best loan and insurance plans for each customer to ensure that customers receive the most competitive interest rate and the best product portfolio.

High quality follow-up services are also one of our advantages. This has been well received by customers for many years. After becoming our customers, you can communicate with us at any time. We will also closely observe market trends and communicate to customers in a timely manner to help customers arrange their own loan financing program.

纽澳信贷专业贷款经纪,我拥有奥克兰大学会计和商业法双学士学位,并在奥克兰理工大学进修金融研究生, 我还是澳大利亚新西兰注册会计师(CAANZ)和新西兰注册金融顾问 

除了丰富的金融和信贷经验,我还有多年的房地产投资和开发经验,在房产相关的领域,贷款,融资,买卖,税务,财务, 和开发建筑方面,我均有着丰富的知识和合作关系, 可以为客户提供一站式的房产相关服务 ,为您量身打造最适合您的贷款计划。


纽澳信贷是纽澳地区最大的贷款服务公司Loan Market旗下最大的华人团队,多年来在业界屡获殊荣,获得广大华人客户的 赞誉和信赖。 我们的团队成员均有着丰富的专业知识和信贷经验, 来自银行,金融,财务,保险,房地产等不同背景,确保能为您提供一站式,全方位的金融服务

我们多年与各大主流和二级银行,金融公司,保险公司有着长期良好的合作关系, 并且尽最大能力为每个客户量身定制最佳的贷款和保险方案,确保客户获得最优的利率与最好的产品组合