About Us

Who are you?

I have extensive experience in customer service from various government departments. During this time, I have provided ongoing customer support to understand their changing needs in relation to regulations.

Why did you become an adviser?

I want to be able to help clients reach their goals in terms of aspiring for homeownership and investment. There are also so many aspects to lending that can help people in different situations.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I want to be the advisor that people seek first for advice. I work with keeping our client’s interests at the forefront. To see them reach their aspirations is rewarding. It is great to know that you have been able to assist them on their journey. I can recall what it is like buying your first home. It is such a great feeling. As a mortgage adviser, I am more aware of the range of options that are out there to help people as they enter different stages of life. A mortgage can also be reviewed to suit those changing circumstances.

What sets you apart from other advisers?

My Local experience and multi-language skills. I am part of a highly experienced team at Loan Market Raglan. 

Accreditations, education, and awards:

Graduate diploma is in business Studies, New Zealand certificate in financial-services Level 5.