About Us

Owning your own home is the Kiwi dream and I want be part of making this dream a reality for everyone.

I’m Kareem Hanna, Mortgage Adviser and I have built a career on helping individuals and organizations by creating and tailoring solutions. My goal is to help you achieve yours. This is at the very core of what I do. I know no two clients’ needs are the same, so I will tailor your experience to suit you.

I’ve been helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals for over a decade, specializing in client management and consultancy. This includes eight years in the banking industry, which is all about finding the best solutions for each person’s needs.

Helping people achieve their goals is what I strive for and I have a genuine interest in the property market as a whole. With a strong background in banking and a love of working with people and property, it made sense to combine both my passions!

I prefer the term Mortgage Advisor. The key word here is “advisor”. I guarantee there will be no surprises as I will give you the best advice based on your goals, financial situation, market research and years of experience to help you make the right decisions for your future.