First Home Buyers

Buying your first home can create anxiety and sleepless nights - whilst it’s so exciting to think about moving in, the build-up can be a nerve-wracking experience!

It is something you have never done before. There are many deciding factors when choosing a home loan; getting an expert on your side will ensure you get the loan that’s in your best interest.

You may be a first home buyer on your own with a limited income, in which case we may decide the best security for you is to fix your whole home loan for two years with minimal risk protection in the form of a small value life cover policy.

Alternatively, you may be a husband and wife with one child, the same deposit, same income and even buying the same house as our single buyer above. Your finance needs will be completely different as we need to cater for potential increases in income and a more advanced risk protection programme.

Don’t forget the Kiwisaver - if you have been in Kiwisaver for more than 3 years you can draw out the bulk of your funds to buy your first home!

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