About Karen Tatterson

FOUNDATION; dictionary: the base on which something is built. Your lending and risk protection advice is the foundation on which your financial security is built. This is why my company, Foundation Mortgage Services Ltd, licensed under Loan Market, strive to build home loan and risk protection foundations so robust that they withstand the test of time.

My clients come back again and again, often years later, so it's important that the original foundation is right for their needs.

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Home loans for every individual

Every single situation is so different. No matter how simple or complicated your home loan needs are, I will go above and beyond to understand what matters most to you. This way I can build a home loan and risk protection foundation that is most suited to your needs, and your future finance goals.

First home buyers

Buying your first home can create anxiety and sleepless nights - whilst it’s so exciting to think about moving in, the build-up can be a nerve-wracking experience! It is something you have never done before.There are many deciding factors when choosing a home loan; getting an expert on your side will ensure you get the loan that’s in your best interest.

You may be a first home buyer on your own with a limited income, in which case we may decide the best security for you is to fix your whole home loan for two years with minimal risk protection in the form of a small value life cover policy.

Alternatively, you may be a husband and wife with one child, the same deposit, same income and even buying the same house as our single buyer above. Your finance needs will be completely different as we need to cater for potential increases in income and a more advanced risk protection programme.

Don’t forget the Kiwisaver - before we know it the Kiwisaver kids are going to be drawing out their funds to buy their first home!

Investment property loans

Investment property loans can be structured in many different ways, but the foremost concern for most people investing in property is that it ultimately creates wealth for them down the track. I am knowledgable in structuring investment property loans to give you the flexibility you need to build a portfolio of property and achieve your property finance goals.

Other loan options

Your reqiurements are unique, but that's why there is a range of loan options to suit differing siutations that we can work with to find the right fit for your needs. I can assist you with family trusts, LAQCs, gifted deposits, relationship property agreements, guarantees being taken across another party’s equity, saving for a deposit, business lending, commercial loans, income protection, life insurance, medical insurance, mortgage repayment cover, trauma insurance, redundancy cover and much more.

My service promise to you

Over the years I have developed a very loyal client base due to my availability. Through constantly keeping in touch with people when their loans are due to expire, or should I hear something in the market that I feel may be of interest to a particular client (I review all my client files regularly), I will contact them and relay the information. I realise that not everyone needs a mortgage/insurance broker phoning them every five minutes, but I do often get told I am one of very few “professionals” who regularly keeps in touch.


My career began in sales and marketing, which provided me with enough experience and success that I was given the opportunity to become a Mobile Mortgage Manager in 2001. I was quickly trained up for lending with BNZ, and loved the active, fast-paced industry from the get-go. However I found that working for a single bank lender had restrictions on services and products I could offer my clients; I was passionate to give them more, which is why I formed Foundation Mortgage Services Ltd in 2006 and joined Loan Market.

Community Involvement

  • Howick Softball Team
  • Former Rotary member

Business community Networks

  • BNI (business network group)

I meet weekly with real estate agents, solicitors, registered valuers, building inspectors, bank and insurance business development managers, plus attend regular business meetings to share market updates, new products, services available, specials being launched, properties suitable for investors and any other relevant information. This is a big part of my week - I participate religiously because it means I'm always informed of the latest products and policy changes, meaning I can always tailor home loan solutions and build the right home finance foundations for my clients.

Auckland customers

My office is based in Howick and I also provide services in Dannemora, Pakuranga, Botany, Manukau Heights, Beachlands, Maraetai, Whitford, Clevedon, Manurewa and surrounding areas. I will visit you at your home or office at a time convenient for you.


“Lindsay and I have appreciated your expertise and your effort spent in helping us in the process of buying our first house. We would like to thank you for your effort in re-arranging a lower interest rate with the bank as well as your promptness in responding to various questions. We have enjoyed working with you and would recommend your services.”
J and L LC

"I would also like to thank you for your help and your good advice last night, we very much appreciated that. Thanks again and may you have a nice working day."
Sione Lolohea