About Lauren Tennent

Banking culture is changing.  I have experienced these changes firsthand whilst working in the banking sector and have watched these changes accelerated during the last 12 months. 

As your Mortgage Adviser, I can offer an ongoing relationship working together to explore the best options for you - whether this involves restructuring your existing lending, using my broad knowledge of lender policy to refinance your loan or to facilitate a new purchase.

I am passionate about lending and enjoy all areas. I have strong connections with a wide range of first and second tier lenders. As well as having a good understanding of different lender’s policies, I can shop around to find the rates and loan structure that best suit your lifestyle. 

You are in good hands!

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Latest News

  1. Buying with family and friends: what you need to know

    Getting on that first rung of the property ladder is more a giant leap than a small step for many young first home buyers. It's no wonder that many Kiwis wanting to get ahead are considering buying a house with friends and family. However, before jumping in, it's essential to have your eyes wide open.

  2. Six easy ways to add value to your home this spring

    For many Kiwis, weeks spent in lockdown staring at the same four walls has highlighted an urgent need for a refresh. And the arrival of spring is the perfect time to crack on with sprucing up your home. Here we share six easy ways to rejuvenate your home décor.

  3. Interest rates: Is now the time to fix or float?

    With mortgage rates already increasing, many clients have asked us whether now is the time to fix their home loans. Everyone’s situation is different. So before making a decision, it’s essential to get expert advice from your Loan Market adviser. And to help you prepare for the discussion, here are some general pros and cons of fixed and floating mortgages.