Mortgage Minute: Why use an insurance advisor?

Insurance can be complicated, and it’s often not something people like to think about. Many people are often unaware of the complexities involved, but ensuring you have the correct policies in place is essential. 

This is where an insurance advisor comes in. I have a thorough understanding of the insurance industry and can work with you to ensure you have the correct policies in place to suit your circumstances and budget, and to provide you with certainty going forward

I guide you through your policy, so you have a full understanding of everything that’s covered. 

I also work with you on an on-going basis to ensure your cover is up to date, and any changes in your day to day life are reflected in your policy.

Should the time come to claim, I can also assist you through this process, and help to take some of the stress away at a difficult time, providing you with time to focus on your recovery. 

If you need a hand arranging your insurance, or would like to make changes to your policy, get in touch on 027 483 9225 or email