Thinking about refinancing in Wellington and Kapiti?

A quick call to us, could save you thousands, our service ranges from putting in plans to pay off your mortgage earlier, negotiating with your current bank to get you sharper rates, or looking at another lender, whatever the reason, we are here to help.

Some reason why refinancing may make sense.

-Reduce your monthly payments
-Pay off your mortgage earlier
-Release equity in your property
-Consolidate debt
-To obtain a more competitive interest rate
-Getting a loan with more flexibility to suit your needs

We like to look at the overall picture. Sometimes our recommendation is to restructure with your existing lender, other times it may be to move to a new lender that is going to meet your needs better, not just today, but also in the future. When you refinance there will be costs that may be associated with the move and these normally come at the start of your home loan.

We can give you advice to make sure your plans make financial sense, giving you the costs and projected costs for the future.

You may also find a new lender, may provide a financial inducement to move, known as "cash back".

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