Self Employed

We see many self-employed clients, as we have the answers and expertise to help you obtain the deals you want. Often self-employed borrowers find meeting the bank’s lending criteria difficult.

An in-depth knowledge of the different lenders, what information they need and how it is presented can make the difference between you paying a premium rate for your borrowing.

We specialise in packaging mortgage applications and then have the ability to present your application to a wide selection of lenders, saving you time and effort in shopping around.

Being self-employed can have an adverse effect when applying for a loan, as it may mean you don’t show good financials. We can help answer your questions.

We have many clients as accountants who refer their clients to us. They trust our expertise and knowledge in obtaining the finance as they know and appreciate the value of our service in obtaining the right deal for their client.

Sometimes we see lenders who try to take more security and personal guarantees than they need, this can have major implications. By having a knowledge of how the banks work, we can negotiate with them on your behalf, to make sure you get the deal that’s good for you and not the bank.

Call us now 04 235 8960, we’re open when the banks are shut.

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