Would you prefer to utilise other people’s money to grow your own portfolio?

Would you like to know how to best structure your mortgages to protect your portfolio?

I have been investing in property for the last 10 years. I have found that being able to leverage the amount of funds that you have to maximise your investment property loan is key.

If you are looking for a mortgage advisor who understands the following, give me a call:

  1. Being able to leverage your deposit to finance investment property.
  2. Structure your lending to get the best tax benefits.
  3. Advise on how yield vs. capital growth affects your long term investment goals.
  4. Assisting you in spreading your risk to future proof your portfolio.
  5. Share my knowledge which I have acquired over the last few years and hopefully learn from your knowledge as well.

Get in touch – I’ll buy you a coffee and then we can discuss your goals and the best investment property rates.

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