Self Employed

Are you having difficulty obtaining mortgage loans as a self-employed person? Does it feel like the person you are dealing with does not understand your personal situation?

Being self-employed can sometimes feel like a curse, especially if you have only been in business for a short period. Let us take the headache away and do the leg work for you.

We will:

  1. Discuss your personal situation and give you an accurate assessment as to whether you would be able to get a self-employed mortgage.
  2. We can help with low doc loans where your financials are not yet finalised.
  3. We know how to package a self-employed mortgage deal to allow the mortgage lenders to make an educated decision.
  4. You can focus on your work while we will focus on getting a mortgage for you.
  5. We can arrange low interest business finance as well.
  6. We will provide you with expert advice which could save you thousands.

Give me a call, and we can have a 5 minute discussion before you decide to engage me or not.

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