1. Why this could be a great market for long-term property investors

    Property prices are falling and interest rates are rising, so you might be wondering: is this a good time to invest in property? The answer is definitely no for some people. But for others, now might be the perfect time to buy an investment property.

  2. New housing intensification rules about to take effect

    From August, councils in the greater urban areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Rotorua Lakes will have to apply new medium-density residential standards to most of their housing stock. So what are these new rules, why have they been introduced and what will they...

  3. House prices fall 0.9% over the quarter

    New Zealand’s national median house price has recorded the biggest quarterly decline since 2010. There are two main reasons why prices are going backwards in much of the country.

  4. Clever Kiwis took advantage of low rates to get ahead on their mortgage

    Almost half of all home loan customers are ahead on their repayments, while just a tiny percentage are behind. This means many borrowers are quite well placed in an environment of rising interest rates, according to the New Zealand Bankers’ Association.

  5. Positive signs emerging for buyers, says top economist

    According to economist Tony Alexander, a real estate market without the exuberance of buyer FOMO has begun to emerge across New Zealand as higher mortgage rates and inflation take their toll on household budgets, and this is good news for many buyers who’ve watched their target properties disappe...

  6. Inflation spike feeds rumours – is it time to fix your loan rate?

    The reasoning behind four consecutive interest rate rises came into sharp focus this month when annual inflation hit 6.9% in the March quarter – its highest level since June 1990...

  7. Proposed property management regulation ‘welcome news’

    New property management regulations, in response to industry demands, will impact investors and landlords if passed into legislation. The proposal would establish a licensing regime and standards for professional property managers and licences would have to be renewed annually.

  8. Property affordability splits Kiwi society

    Attitudes to property prices and ownership have driven a wedge through New Zealand society, a new ConsumerLink poll has found. A total of 1,000 New Zealanders took part in the poll, which followed the decision of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to raise interest rates at a fourth consecutive poli...

  9. Property price growth is slowing according to latest data

    Has the property market boom ended? It’s possible with the latest property data showing signs that some of the rocket fuel is out of the market, and concerns about inflation and higher mortgage rates could be having an impact.

  10. Record approvals favour buyers by offering more choice

    Confidence in the future of the property market remains at record levels after two years of world-leading growth in property values, despite a fourth successive mortgage hike. The increase in building activity will boost the supply of homes becoming available and could substantially help first-ti...

  11. Cranes on skyline promise rise in off-the-plan purchases

    If you’re worried about the future of our economy and wondering if this is the right time to buy a property, look no further than the skyline for your answer. Why is this important? Because property is a long-term game, and smart buyers think beyond today’s headlines.

  12. Interest rate hike may mean it’s time to review your mortgage

    The RBNZ has introduced its fourth consecutive interest rate rise in a dramatic attempt to rein in rapidly rising inflation. The RBNZ said it believed the new cash rate was still sufficiently low to stimulate economic activity while dampening aggressive price-setting and taking some heat from the...

  13. Property profit nearly doubled in two years

    Selling your house has never been more profitable, according to the latest data from CoreLogic.