90% Mortgages Are Available!!

I’m astounded to see clients every week who believe they need a 20% deposit. Please do your friends and family a favour - tell them to come and see me, as this is simply not true. What is true is that funding over 80% is difficult to obtain. You do need to provide evidence you can afford your debt, have a savings history and not a large amount of short term debt, but I am more than willing to help people work out a path to property ownership.  Our office is absolutely dedicated to helping first home buyers get on the property ladder, and almost every week we are helping first home buyers with less than 20% deposit purchase their first home. It is such an essential part of life and I believe it is obtainable, even with today’s property prices.

Did you know that new-build properties are excluded from RBNZ loan restrictions?

There is unlimited funding available for new-build properties, even if you only have a 10% deposit, and if you are an investor you only need a 20% deposit, not the 40% required for existing properties. However, this is not with all of the banks and you need to know where to obtain the funding.