Good news for first home buyers!

There is plenty of unsavoury news out there for first home buyers – so I

thought I’d provide a glimmer of hope with some more positive news!

90% finance for apartments*

Yes – you read that correctly! For first home buyers, we are
now able to secure 90% finance on new build or off the plan apartments larger than
40 sqm, or 85% finance for existing apartments. This could be your first step
onto the property ladder and apartments come with many benefits – above all
else, the opportunity for affordable living in Auckland.

Welcome Home loan thresholds extended & 90% finance available*

If you’re not so keen on apartments, there is still hope. If
you are a single person with an income under $85,000, or a couple whose joint
income is less than $130,000, you could qualify for a first home buyers grant
of up to $20,000 for a couple and $10,000 for a single person (on top of your
Kiwi Saver contributions). This loan can go towards the purchase of a new home
for under $650,000 in Auckland if you have been part of Kiwi Saver for 3 years
or more.

And even if you haven’t been part of Kiwi Saver, you could still
qualify for a Welcome Home loan and funding up to 90% finance – just not the

Up to 90% funding is available at mainstream banks*

Despite what you may hear in the media, there is funding
available if you only have 10% deposit –even if you don’t want to buy a new
build property or you don’t qualify for a Welcome Home loan. It’s not easy, and
not everyone will qualify. However we are committed to help you secure the funding if possible.

Our team can assist you with Welcome Home loans and any
other funding questions.