Now is the Time to Buy... Or is it?

With the property market in limbo, I can only but think about the possible reasons, of which the obvious is escalated prices and the market coming to its senses, and the house prices going beyond people’s affordability. But something in me says ‘if only that was the case’. My gut feeling tells me it is only a temporary reprieve due to winter conditions and a pre-election pause, then it will all kick off again post-election, as there is still a shortage of supply and a strong demand.  Naturally, this is provided we have a good outcome in the elections.

From my perspective, this has been great for our clients as, for the first time in long time, they can make conditional offers, there are less auctions and there is more time to review and decide upon their investment. I am much more in favour if these conditions as people have a bit more time to do their due diligence.  Therefore, if I was in the market to purchase I would be actively looking.