We Are Grateful for Your Support

As testament to our effort to serve our customers and provide quality customer service, we have received recognition in those areas at our annual awards in the Gold Coast.  My two staff members, Viv and Nicola have individually been awarded with Customer Services Manager of the Year Awards for N.Z. - for which I am so proud of them. My punishment for not taking them to the Gold Coast was that I had to wear a costume for our own internal awards ceremony.

As a business, we won the Customer Services Award (Voted by our customers) of NR 5 in N.Z.

I was awarded with NR 6 in New Zealand and NR 14 Internationally, as an individual.

And lastly, I was also awarded with Platinum Elite status.

Not that we are driven by awards. Our philosophy is to do whatever is in the client’s best interest, backed up with service, and the rest will follow.