Our Team

Meet our team:

Name Viv Sullivan
Position Lending Manager
AboutViv is there for you throughout the loan process and beyond.

She will put together your application, corresponding with solicitors and lenders. You can be confident that Viv will communicate with you throughout the whole process.

Viv has over 20 years’ experience in banking and has been working alongside Nick for more than three years she is well equipped to answer your questions and will ensure the process is as smooth and stress free as possible.

In her spare time Viv enjoys spending time with her husband, four children and five Grandsons. She is also an avid Hurricanes fan and cross fit enthusiast.

Name Nicola Granville
Position Lending Manager
AboutNicola is passionate about the finance industry, in particular home loan lending, and this is reflected in her 32 years' experience in lending and finance.

Nicola will assist you throughout the whole process ensuring you are kept informed of the progress of your home loan. Nicola has the knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible results for first time home buyers. She will be there to answer your questions and support you on your home buying journey, and beyond.

Nicola moved to New Zealand from the UK over 15 years ago she spends her spare time travelling New Zealand, Australia and The Islands. Alongside her husband, she enjoys supporting The All Blacks and the Blues.

Name Linda Shaw
Position Lending Manager
AboutSince the mid-1990s, Linda has worked in the financial services industry. Linda began her career in the UK as a bank clerk, rising through the ranks to become a highly successful Senior Financial Consultant.

Linda and her family moved to New Zealand in 2007, and she quickly found work as a Wealth Adviser. Linda worked as a high-performing Client Servicing Consultant for the past six years, offering service and advice to current clients about their mortgage and risk needs.

In March 2020, Linda joined Loan Market Howick. She has completed her Level 5 certificate in Financial Services and her job is to work with Nick Kotze from application submission through settlement, to ensure that all clients have a positive experience.

Linda's job entails prioritising her clients' requirements and going above and beyond.
Name Toni Macbeth
Position Lending Manager
AboutToni is passionate about helping people and loves to help our clients achieve their desired goals. Whether this be helping you into your first home, assisting you with your existing mortgage, additional finance, or even investment property finance, she is here to make this process as easy and seamless as possible.     

Toni will do most of the heavy lifting for you from submitting your application, corresponding with solicitors and lenders. You can be confident that she will communicate with you throughout the whole process.

You can be sure to know you are in capable hands: Toni has been in the finance industry for 11 years, in which 5 of those she has been helping people with their home lending goals. Toni have worked for two of the major banks, and her most recent role was managing her own client portfolio.     

Toni is married and has two adored dogs, she enjoys hiking, spending time with her husband, going away in the campervan and cooking. She’s also social and loves hosting a good dinner party!     

Toni looks forward to supporting you alongside Nick on your home buying journey and beyond.