About Cherry Qin

A strong work ethic and many years of experience in lending make Cherry Qin a mortgage adviser who gets great results for clients! Fluent in both Chinese and English, she is also uniquely placed to assist some of our clients for whom English is their second language.Cherry is constantly looking at ways she can do things better or Improvements that can be made to make the process of buying a home seamless and stress-free as possible. Helping people In achieving their goals is what she strives for.

She has a real passion for working with people, Cherry is constantly looking at ways she can do things better or Improvements that can be made to make the process of buying a home seamless and stress free as possible.

Understanding all the options available to you isn't always easy but having someone who can explain everything clearly so you can make Informed decisions on all aspects of your home lending Is a great start. You can be confident you will be well looked after by Cherry.

Cherry has experienced the process of using an adviser when she was a First home buyer, and this Inspired her to become an Mortgage Adviser.

“I have been fortunate to learn from and work with the most dedicated professional team. Working with people who genuinely care and make it happen together is an unbeatable feeling.”

The team here constantly inspires me and working together 100% to achieve the best result for our clients makes every day fulfilling. Lately, I have been fortunate enough to start learning Te Reo. I find language – and the culture behind language – fascinating!

Cherry has qualifications including Level 5 Core Stand, RPL NAATI Accredited/Certified Interpreter works for Courts, Hospitals, and Community when time allows.

Publicly Available Information Disclosure

First Home Buyers

As a first home buyer, there are countless options for you to explore. Your Kiwisaver and government entitlements are just the start. Each bank and lender will treat your position differently so exploring all your options is important to make sure you are maximizing your opportunity for the best approval. With interest rates at an all time low, first home buyers are in the best buying position they have ever been in.

Home Loans

Your home loan is a large and often long-term financial commitment, so it makes sense to get it right first time to set yourself up for success. What’s right for you depends on a range of factors including the size of the loan you require, the property you intent to purchase, the deposit you have and your lifestyle.

Investment Loans

There’s a lot to know about investments loan, such as how to choose the best investment loan that meets your needs and goals and knowing which lead will maximum your borrowing ability as an investor. A good investment loan can make property investment and portfolio management a much smoother process.


Many People refinance to get a better rate, consolidate debt, renovate or free up equity. If you’re thinking of refinancing, it’s important to weigh up the cost of refinancing against the long term benefits. 

Bridging Loans

As the name suggests, a bridging loan ‘bridges the gap’ between two home loans. Bridging home loans are a good way to buy a new property before the sale of your existing home.

Self Employed

Often, self-employed borrowers find meeting the lending criteria for standard home loans difficult. Business cash-flows create income that fluctuates more significantly than other borrowers. Business owners looking for home and business loans do have competitive options available to them.

Land & Construction

Loans A land and construction loan provides funding for building property or extensive renovations, so you have the lowest possible repayments during the construction phase.

Home Loan Top Up

You may want to go on holiday, buy new furniture, upgrade the car or pay for medical expenses, or even plan your wedding. A home loan top up may be a good way to get the extra funds you need.