Commercial and Business Finance

Commercial loans
Commercial loans allow business operators to invest in the future of their business by using commercial property as security.

Traditionally you can borrow up to 65% of the commercial property value. Banks further limit this by the amount they determine you can afford.

Rates are typically 2-3% above normal home loan rates, plus an application fee.

Information required includes:

  • Copies of the commercial leases for the property
  • Valuation on the property
  • Evidence of other income and statements are also common

Business Loans
Business loans allow expansion of working capital or the acquisition of a new business. Banks rely upon the business not property for security.

To qualify you will need to prove to the bank that your business is feasible and profitable, have suitable experience and demonstrate repayment in 3-5 years.

Rates are typically 3-4% above normal home loan rates, along with a significant upfront fee.

Information required includes

  • A copy of the final accounts of the business
  • A copy of the sale and purchase agreement
  • A copy of the lease agreement where the business is operating from.

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