Property Insurance

Once you’ve purchased your property, it's important to protect it. Your Loan Market Queenstown adviser is also a qualified Insurance Market adviser, providing the same service as our mortgage advisory arm for personal insurances. This means the same team will look after your mortgage and insurances from beginning to end.

There’s plenty of options for insurance and the cover(s) you want to take out will depend on your personal circumstances and property you purchase.

The most common types of insurance include;
  • Home/Contents Insurance.
  • Insurance that covers damages to your property for events such as like theft, fire and storms.

This type of insurance can have specialised coverage for owner occupiers, investors and renters.

Income Protection / Mortgage Insurance
This type of insurance protects your regular income if you’re unable to work because of an illness or injured.

Life Insurance

This type of insurance ensures the family mortgage and loans are paid should the insured family member lose their life.

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