1. Buying with family and friends: what you need to know

    Getting on that first rung of the property ladder is more a giant leap than a small step for many young first home buyers. It's no wonder that many Kiwis wanting to get ahead are considering buying a house with friends and family. However, before jumping in, it's essential to have your eyes wide ...

  2. Six easy ways to add value to your home this spring

    For many Kiwis, weeks spent in lockdown staring at the same four walls has highlighted an urgent need for a refresh. And the arrival of spring is the perfect time to crack on with sprucing up your home. Here we share six easy ways to rejuvenate your home décor.

  3. Changes are coming to mortgage top-ups

    If you currently have a mortgage and are hoping to get a quick top-up for your next family holiday or a new car, then you might be out of luck come December. Starting 1st of December, new credit rules are coming into play which will make topping up your mortgage harder. These rules could also aff...

  4. What happens if you can’t pay your mortgage due to Covid?

    Last time around during the lockdowns, the Reserve Bank and lenders were quick to release packages to help borrowers if they were unable to meet their mortgage repayments due to Covid. This time around, things are a bit different, and no relief packages have yet been announced by the banks.

  5. Interest rates: Is now the time to fix or float?

    With mortgage rates already increasing, many clients have asked us whether now is the time to fix their home loans. Everyone’s situation is different. So before making a decision, it’s essential to get expert advice from your Loan Market adviser. And to help you prepare for the discussion, here a...

  6. Five tips to help you select the best property manager

    Choosing a property manager could make or break your investment. Make the right choice, and your investment will likely be safe, secure and profitable. However, make the wrong selection and it could be your worst nightmare.

  7. How will interest rates rises effect me?

    Many of us have been enjoying exceptionally low interest rates for the last few years, however all good things must come to an end at some stage. Major banks led first by ASB have all started raising their home loan rates, with change of 0.30% - 0.36% across the board. Based on the Reserve Bank’s...

  8. First home buyer stress: 5 tips to help you manage the process for a better outcome

    When it comes to stressful life events, buying your first home is up there in the top ten. Here we share some tips to help you manage the process for a better outcome.

  9. Is property still a good investment?

    There's no doubt; many potential property investors were spooked by the government's housing policy changes announced in March. What once was a cast-iron investment option suddenly seemed less attractive. However, despite the changes to tax concessions and the bright-line test, there's little evi...

  10. DTI’s - What are they and what impact will they have?

    So far in 2021, the government have announced a wave of policy and potential policy changes, aimed at cooling down the runaway housing market and in their own words, “tilting it more in favour of first home buyers”. The latest shot fired by Finance Minister Grant Robertson has been adding DTI...

  11. Pros and Cons of Bridging Finance

    Bridging finance is a short-term loan that helps you buy a new home before selling your current one.

  12. Has The Government’s Housing Policy Changes Made A Difference?

    This year's Budget had little of substance concerning the property market. However, given the significant housing policy changes announced in March, it’s probably not surprising.

  13. The importance of pre-approvals: All you need to know

    The property boom is showing no signs of letting up any time soon. It’s super competitive out there with many vendors receiving multiple offers within just a few days of going on the market. So, if you are looking to purchase your first home or make a move, pre-approvals are essential.