Bobs Cove Renovation Post #8 – Character Building Explain Detail and Creativity

This week it is all over to Character Building to provide a bit of technical information around what was required to make our building habitable and also the types of features they are able to offer to ensure you are not only compliant but add personality into your project.

Building Changes

We created openings in the external walls for new windows and doors. This meant alterations to the existing stud-work to accommodate for structural lintels and framework. In addition to this, new window flashing's are also custom made and fitted. Although these are often unimportant as far as aesthetics go, they are one of the most important items in terms of safety and waterproofing.

External floor heights on the build is also something to consider, generally you must have at least 225mm clearance from the top of your finished floor slab to the finished ground level. There is numerous methods to achieve this and each case varies. On this project we used a slot drain and levelled out groundwork's to meet regulations.

 A few reasons for this are:

  • water may splash onto absorbent cladding's
  • cladding, framing or flooring may absorb water
  • water may flow inside from paving, paths and gardens that have been built up against the wall cladding.

Internally using the correct insulation is the single most effective thing you can do to keep your home warm and to save energy and money. Essentially keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. We used 60mm r1.6 flooring insulation between our new timber joists to create a thermal break from the existing cold concrete pad to the new floor coverings. In the roof space we used r5 and is the walls r2.6. In the south island the recommended minimum standards for insulation in walls is r2.4, r3.6 in the roof space and r1.6 in the floor. An R-value is a rating which measures how well insulation can resist heat flow. ‘R’ stands for thermal resistance, simply put the higher the number the better the insulation.

The last thing to consider are using the correct certified tradesmen for the works making the building compliant and most importantly legal.

Character and Personality

With the legalities out of the way you can focus on the design and overall look of your project.

Here at Character Building we aim to bring personality into your home. Making unique, custom made fixtures and fittings to create a living space second to none. This a passion for us and we are constantly coming up with new ideas to eradicate the norm and replace with the unique. Working closely with the client we was given the chance to implement a few of our ideas. Using pallets to create a kitchen and breakfast bar complete with concrete worktop and railway sleeper light fittings. A pallet feature wall incorporating pictures of the local history in Bobs Cove. In the bathroom we are making a shower tray using local pebbles and railway sleepers as aesthetic framing, plus much more.

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