Insiders Edge - June 2016

This months Insiders Edge covers a few topics and the first being our move to the new branch is only 3 weeks away!! We are very excited to be moving to our new premises and will continue to keep you updated on that!

How is affordability assessed when lending money?

With most of the news highlighting how unaffordable housing is or is getting I thought it would be interesting to post how banks assess affordability when applying for a mortgage.

Major High Street Bank Makes Important Changes to Lending Policy

One of the major high street banks have made some significant changes to their lending policy effective immediately in what we believe is to curb the Reserve Bank from introducing debt to income ratios to slow down the housing market.

Personal and Private Health Insurance

In line with our branch relocation we have decided it would be great timing to highlight the other important part of our business that we specialise in, which is the Personal and Private Health Insurance Market.

To read more click on the link below for a great read.

The Insiders Edge - June 2016