Loan Market to move to Remarkables Park!

We are moving to the Ramada Hotel at Remarkables Park.

After 12 months of deliberating whether to stay in town
centre, head toward five mile or Remarkables Park we have decided on the latter
and will open our new premises Monday 4th July 2016. We will retain
retail level for visibility and ease of access for clients.

Why Move

The quick answer on behalf of our clients would be traffic
and parking! Ultimately we are taking a mid and long term view of how our town
is changing and where we see our self within it.

Most of the future housing developments are taking place
beyond Frankton along with the infrastructure that is taking place that side of
town will mean a lot of the ‘locals’ will only come to town if required.

Within the short term we will be positioned on the main road
(connects to Glenda Drive end of 2016) with easy access and front of office
parking with further offices/amenities completed next door by December 2016.

Mid-term, February 2018 we will have the brand new high
school as our neighbour so great for clients seeing us in between school runs.

With the specified zones of Education, Health, Entertainment
and Sports to emerge within Remarkables Park over the next few years we believe
this will be the place for our business to best service our clients around
convenience and time management as they go about their daily lives.

Business is Growing

Our market share has doubled over the last 12 months so we
are reinvesting back into the business to not only provide a better service but
in an even more welcoming environment for our valued clients. We don’t want to
be the biggest but the best which is a small team working hard.

This means retaining staff over the next decade so you are
always supported by the same people you know and trust. Providing an
environment our staff appreciate is a key component to achieving this goal.

State of the Art Technology

We will have two meeting rooms with state of the art
technology to work through your finance and insurance options along with the
best video conference technology available for those clients that are out of
town or would prefer to review via this platform due to time constraints and

Keep in Touch

We will be posting regular updates and raising awareness
over the next few months. We are all excited at Loan Market for the move and
look forward to see you at our new premises soon!