Making Sure You Get the Best Personal Loan

Due to the strong relationships we have built up over a period of years with a variety of lenders we are now able to offer some of the best and most competitive personal loan solutions throughout New Zealand.

This became a natural progression for us. We could see when working with our clients for a mortgage solution that the rates they were paying for personal loans and car finance were higher than what we believed was a fair rate.

We have therefore highlighted some of the basics and options so you can get a feel for our offering.

How much could I borrow?

Minimum Loan: $10,000

Maximum Loan: $30,000

What rates am I looking at? 

Secured = from 8.90% - can be secured against vehicle, boat or home

Unsecured = from 11.90% - Comparing that to some of the mainstream banks who’s best rates are between 13.95% and 18.95% dependent upon the lender, make it look pretty favourable.

What are the fees?

The lenders we work with charge $200 fee which is loaded onto the loan. In comparison you will be looking at around $250 fee with the banks.

How long is the loan term?

12 months to 5 years

What if I have credit issues?

Our rates are tiered and can consider a customer's credit issues when pricing.

Our rates are based upon risk so not only do we offer very low rates, we can also consider low credit ratings for a higher rate, we go up to  21.90% (secured) and 23.90% (unsecured)


At Loan Market we need to have a variety of solutions for our client base, and with our simple but comprehensive pricing structure we can do exactly that.

If you are looking to consolidate debts, refinance a personal loan, or purchase a large ticket item, contact us now to review the best option for you.